CHRONOS: Tonal Transitions

CHRONOS is a collection of 135 tonal tools to help add momentum, depth and character to your tracks by enhancing transitions and song sections. It features everything from lush tonal swells, gritty impacts, piercing one shots and shimmery transitions derived from a range of synths, guitars, voices, brass, wind and world instruments. Regardless of genre, Chronos features a variety of tonal elements to help enhance your compositions and productions. 

The 562 Mb collections of sounds are sorted into 3 categories:
ORGANIC: 85 different sounds created from instrumental sources, with a focus on warmth and a human feeling.  
ELECTRONIC: 23 different sounds designed to cut through and add power and grit. 
SIGNATURES: 27 one shot designed to add impact and unique character. 

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A selection of sounds from CHRONOS, straight from the pack with zero additional processing or effects added. 

CHRONOS Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of the folders and sounds included in the sample pack, hear what's inside and get an understanding for how t


An audio clip with a selection of sounds from CHRONOS.