EXOSPHERE: Cinematic Organic Toolkit

EXOSPHERE is a musical toolkit consisting of atmospheres, pulses, transitions, one shots and drums that aim to capture the cinematic expression of cinematic guitars, textures and epic drum grooves from acts such as M83, Sigur Ros and Lights & Motion. From minimal guitar ostinatos, evolving pads, and minimal percussion loops, to epic drum beats - these samples are made for music producers and composers of songs, production music or scores of any style that need some extra depth, a cinematic touch and grand rhythms. The pack contains 4GB of material, across over 600 individual WAV files.  

The pack contains: 

  • Drum & Percussion Loops
  • Drum One Shots
  • Cinematic Textures
  • Ethereal Guitar Pads
  • Minimal Guitar Patterns
  • Cinematic SFX.
  • Synth One-Shots
  • $59.00

“Working in pop music, it’s always a struggle to make your music stand out. I’ve personally always been attracted to cinematic sounds, and Exophere is perfect for instantly adding that vibe to my songs.”

- Kyle Tree (Grey - Grammy Nominated Duo)


A summary of the sound pack giving you a feel for how the sounds work together with visuals, paired with a demo made 100% from sounds in the sample pack. 

EXOSPHERE Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of the folders and sounds included in the sample pack, hear what's inside and get an understanding for how t


A demo track made exclusively from the samples inside this sample pack.

Drum & Percussion Loops

High quality, live recorded drum & percussion loops and one-shots inspired by post rock, helping you get that massive, organic drum sound in your tracks. The loops ranges from simple tops, to big builds, driving percussion, and monumental drums. A selection of the drum grooves also include stems for flexibility and mixing options. 

Powerful Transitions & SFX

A selection of 30 awesome SFX sounds like whooshes, hits and impacts to give some extra depth and power to your tracks and transitions, making your cues ready for the big screen, as well as drum one shots like claps, kicks, hats & snares.

Cinematic Textures

 A vast collection of pads and textures from a variety of live instruments, ranging from guitars, violins and synths, helping you add more depth and atmosphere to your recordings. Use the pre-assembled textures, or build your own from the various individual layers and create the perfect textures for your cue. Available in all white keys. 

Tonal Pulses & Elements

84 minimal pulses and patterns from the electric guitar, giving you some light momentum and drive to your tracks. You'll also find some powerful analogue synth one shots and textures, bowed guitar drones and tonal impacts.  

Preview Some Of The Sounds Inside