Hey! Over the past couple of years I've traveled through a vast range of different environments and landscapes, usually with my trusted Zoom H6 by my side. 

I've always been obsessed with the sound of nature, so I've found myself recording the ambiences of the various places I visited. In this little pack, I've collected ambiences from the Australian countryside, tropical rainforests, Norwegian grazing territories for sheep in the mountain, Scandinavian forests, rivers, ponds, windy valleys, old fireplaces, gramophone players, vinyl records, the list goes on. 

There's 20 unique ambiences in this little kit, as well as a "tape vault" where I've taken a bunch of these ambiences and played them through a 70's tape machine for some extra warmth and hiss. 400 MB total of natural goodness to mess with. 

Whether you use them for sound design, in videos, behind lo fi beats, or as background noise for tracks, I hope you enjoy them! 


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