KRATOS: Transitions & Impacts

KRATOS is a pack made to help you elevate the transitions and improve the flow and momentum of your productions. With 160 different WAV files ranging from deep booms to powerful whooshes and massive hits, you will have a variety of tools at your disposal regardless if you need something subtle, or in your face.

Among the 160 sounds included, you will find:

  • Booms
  • Cymbals
  • Downers
  • Risers
  • Whooshes 
  • Whoosh-Hits 
  • $49.00

KRATOS Trailer

A summary of the sound pack giving you a feel for how the sounds work together with visuals, paired with a demo made 100% from sounds in the sample pack. 

KRATOS Walkthrough

Get a walkthrough of the folders and sounds included in the sample pack, hear what's inside and get an understanding for how you can apply these sounds to your music.


A demo track made exclusively from the samples inside this sample pack.

Preview Some Of The Sounds Inside

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